I have been wanting to write for so long but something always came up and I would put it back in a corner somewhere, never to be completed. I think a lot of it comes from my sick need to be accepted and not wanting to look stupid. It took a long time to realize how much it doesn’t matter what people think about me and that what truly matters is what I think about myself. It’s not who do I think I am? It’s who I know I am. Believe it or not tarot and oracle cards are/have helped me on my journey of discovering who I know I am. So I’ve decided to start a blog of my journey using tarot,oracle, crystals etc. And take those interested in hearing my story of how I discovered exactly who I am, with me. My intentions are to be the student and the teacher. To assist others on their spiritual journeys. To heal and then help others learn to heal as well. I’ve been studying tarot for about 3 years now. It began as a way of trying to understand how those we would call “dark” forces were able to do the things they were doing and get away with it. And it turned into me finding my true calling, my purpose, my gifts. What were my strengths? Weaknesses? Why am I even here? Will I ever succeed in anything? This tool became not only an eye opener but a major transformation of my belief system. If I didn’t have the Divine guiding me the entire way. I could’ve lost my way. I almost did. But it’s in our darkest moments that He is there right beside us, inside of us. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve deceived myself thinking God couldn’t be in my darkness with me. I was ashamed to pray to Him because I always felt like I was failing Him with my empty promises. I am a recovering addict. I would get into these situations and pray to God, promising if He could help me out of this bad situation I wouldn’t run back to what got me there. And He would get me freed and I would relapse right back into darkness. Too Embarrassed to face Him after I did it again. Until I tricked myself into thinking He couldn’t hear my prayers anymore. Then recognizing finally where it was me who had walked away not Him abandoning me. So with that being said. I know I’m a Child of God. And I know He is with me on this path.. I also know that He who is in me is stronger than he who is of this world. So welcome, I’m Keisha, Most call me Key. And this is how spirituality saved me.

Empathy has given me insight into things that are hidden for most. It became my blessing instead of my curse.