The Wake Up Call

Saturn in Aquarius ♒

On April 29th, 2022 Saturn will leave Capricorn and enter into Aquarius. It will stay in the zodiac sign of Aquarius until July and then retrogrades back into Capricorn. This will be until January 17th 2023. This transit will effect every zodiac sign but there are a few signs who will feel this energy pretty intensely. Saturn is nicknamed the Taskmaster. Due to the major lessons you will learn when it is transiting your natal.

Saturn represents restrictions, order, organisations, labor, law, karma, structure, justice, responsibility, consequences, authority, physical endurance, obligations, limitations, routine, rules, and boundaries.

Aquarius ruled by Saturn represents; the humanitarian, technology, freedom, inventions, visions, groups, creative ideas, innovation, equality, individual freedom, community, reform, revolutionaries, intellect and social change.

The theme here is about freeing ourselves from outdated belief systems and the importance of being your own authority figure. The deconstructing of old beliefs, patterns and mental structures . Relying on the old ways of doing things won’t work anymore. It hasn’t for a while. But now Saturn in Aquarius is telling us to do something about it. You will find yourself finally linking up with like-minded people where you share similar views and visions as well as encourages you to be yourself in all your uniqueness. They will also encourage you to trust in yourself.

We will see new cutting edge technologies that will improve communities. It’ll assist in bringing structure in our lives and help us connect in better ways.

We are getting the opportunity to have a new beginning. One of innovation, equality, individualism and freedom. This won’t be given though, it will be worked for. Expect stumbling blocks and to work hard if you want your vision to come into fruition. Saturn is again the Taskmaster. The teacher you better come correct to. You can’t skip this, copy someone else’s notes or procrastinate. Those days are over. It’s time to reassess, review and judge all that we have learned and experienced thus far. We will have to apply new ways of doing things when it comes to the difficulties we face in life. We will gain a new perspective on structure and stability. We will learn how to be free but still structured. Blending the old and new to come up with solutions to challenges and build anew. We will be called to take responsibility for our actions, put in the work for what we want, have patience and persevere in the face of adversity. What is on the other side promises to be worth the effort if we put in our work. This will not be an easy time. Nothing worth having is ever easily gained. And Saturn is here to ensure you do everything required to obtain mastery.

I pulled a few cards on this transit to see what we as a collective can expect to see during this Saturn transit and I received some pretty interesting cards. We had The Tower which flew out first, Seven of Wands, The Fool, Eight of Pentacles and The World. This is going to be a major influence in our lives promising it’s share of life altering events, toil and labor, standing out ground while being brave enough to take a leap of faith.

With the Tower we can expect to see old beliefs and foundations crumble to the ground. Anything built on faulty ground will be destroyed. Chaos, destruction and liberation. Changes you didn’t see coming. Things you believed to be true at one time are revealed as lies. We can expect a major period of upheaval. Look for things like sudden realizations that destroys the ego. Shocking truths revealed. Changes that we fought hard to escape will need to be embraced because there will be no running from it. Change is scary and not always welcomed. But we’re being urged to grow, to liberate ourselves. We’ve become comfortable where we are and to be aligned with our path some of us will have to have this tower moment. This will push us onto the right path if we aren’t where we should be. You could have a shocking revelation. There could be a major movement that effects all of humanity. Old programming from childhood will be destroyed and rebuilt to fit today’s world. Secrets could be uncovered, relationships could end, losses may occur. Big unforseen changes are ahead of us. Expect to be forced to change the way you’ve done things before and face your truth. Receiving The Tower card warns us to expect upheavals, spiritual revelation and shocking events. It won’t feel good. Every Tower moment I had felt like hell. I’ve lost my job during one, became homeless and even got incarcerated during a Tower moment. Yes all this is scary and not really wanted or welcomed but God is the one bringing this tower down. It’s to help us grow and if we fight that growth then God will have to take the next step and that is frightening. It sometimes takes something cataclysmic for our attention to be caught so if that’s the case it looks like so be it. You want freedom? Well look into your thoughts, beliefs and actions so you can be free of what’s no longer serving you. You won’t want this done for you.

Now the Seven of Wands says that we will be called to stand our ground and fight for what we believe in. Standing up for yourself and taking your power back are key terms with this wands card. This isn’t the time to follow the status quo. You may be defending something you believe strongly in and you cannot compromise on this one. You could find yourself in conflict with others. It may be that it’s you against a group of people. This will be a time where you need to take a look at the groups you’re involved with. Limiting your friend circle may be a must. If what you are fighting for is just, don’t give in and don’t give up. But remember to pick your battles wisely. Some battles won’t be worth the energy. But the ones that are, you better hold your position and don’t back down. Again anything worth it is worth fighting for. Assertiveness and confidence will be required. There will be conflict and struggle with others. Expect competition, opposition and disputes as well. You may decide to change your group settings. As much as I don’t like change I do realize how important it is to not fight it and go with the flow. But the fear of the unknown is what keeps me and I’m sure plenty others, stagnant and restricted or fixed on staying where we’re at. If I’ve gotten something to work for me I tend to want to stick with that. When it’s time to change I panic. Thinking of all the ways something could go wrong I end of missing great opportunities that don’t come back. When the Tower comes along,that change we dread is now made mandatory and everything is bought down around you to light the way. Now receiving another card that symbolizes change points towards a year of many twist and turns. The Seven of Wands is a change I feel, in how you stand up for yourself. No longer doing something because everyone else is. You’ll be doing your own thing and there will be people who won’t like it. You will meet some opposition and it could feel like it’s you against the world.

More than likely we’ll feel overwhelmed with some of the events that will take place but it’s best to remember these are to help us not to hinder. This could be a call to start setting boundaries and keep them in place. There are a lot of people who don’t understand personal boundaries and walk all over you if you let them. You’ll find out who your real friends are once you place boundaries and be assertive about it.

Expect to embark on a new journey. One where you’ll have to take a leap of faith on. Leaving fear behind along with any what-ifs. New beginnings and fresh starts will also be this years theme with The Fool card appearing. You could do something you’ve never done but always wanted to. You could start a new job or move to a new place. Having faith and trusting that everything will work out can take you far. Be open-minded and do that thing you’ve been too afraid to do. Don’t worry about what other people will think or what happens if it doesn’t work out the way you thought… You are given the opportunity to take a risk, have a brand new start and go into something, unsure of the way it will turn out. So what you are inexperienced. You will work hard towards mastering whatever this new beginning entails.

Once you take this leap of faith it will be time to put in the work to obtain mastery. Eight of Pentacles tells me There will be something we are dedicated to completing. There is indications toward commitment, determination, hard work, diligence and focus. You could learn a new craft or skill. You may want to work on self-improvement or making a career change that requires more focus and concentration. Have faith in your abilities and try not to sell yourself short. Your time and effort will be rewarded and you will become the master of your craft. Whatever it is we each will be working towards achieving, asks us to be cautious, use foresight, pay attention to detail, be balanced in our approach and finish what we start. Being creative in your approach and stepping out of your comfort zone will help you achieve the goals you make for yourself. Remember the old way of doing things won’t hold the same weight as it use to. Times have changed and so has the way that we deal with certain aspects. Now this isn’t saying completely do away with the old, maybe you could mix the old with the new to see what you come up with. Creation of something meaningful and worth value will be the focal point of your determination. Once you have reached that level of mastery, a cycle will be completed.

The World card represents the completion of cycles, success, perfection and accomplishments. It’s also corresponds with Saturn in tarot. It says that all the hard work you put in will pay off and a chapter will end. A major milestone will be completed, with us having built resilience to get through any challenge or conflict. You will have learned and now completed a lesson successfully.

This completion will bring about an end to the old and a good beginning to the new. It is about growing maturity, a sense of inner balance and having a deeper understanding. It suggests that you may be approaching a more final sense of identity, and the security in the self that comes with getting older. It also represents dropping boundaries, sometimes in the sense of the spiritual, but could also be in a physical sense, like traveling or journeys in the future.

Keywords: Complete a cycle, success, joy of victory, freedom, liberation, peace, joy of life, ideal state of life, affirmation of life, flow of the universe, the Promised Land, broaden horizons, exciting surprises, enlightening, enthusiastically welcome a new day, ideal environmental conditions, physical and mental health, mental well-being.

These cards all talk of change and liberation. I see this transit with Saturn in Aquarius as helping us to be set free. It will be challenging and could be traumatic for some. 2022 will be interesting to say the least. The last few years have been pretty damn hectic. I’ve personally been through some things that I really thought I wouldn’t live through. Somehow though I’m here to write this today. I can’t say somehow because I know how. God. No matter what the situation is He is always in control and you may have to remind yourself of that when these times seem to get unbearable. These times aren’t to hurt us but to strengthen us. To remove the veil from our eyes and start walking in our truth. Unfortunately what that entails can be painful and tragic. People will lose their jobs, homes and loved ones. Things we’ve held onto way too long will be taken. We will have to have faith and step into the unknown. Chapters will be closed and cycles will end. New beginnings will be ahead and we will evolve. Advancement in technology, science, revolution, politics, relationship dynamics and group consciousness. From the justice system to friendships everything is going to shift and we will be making history. Get ready to be a part of some amazing moments.

For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.’” — Jeremiah 29:11



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